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Mundane Activity


Warped Spiral Galaxy ESO 510-13

Image Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), C. Conselice (U. Wisconsin/STScI) et al., NASA

New Moon Eclipse Sep 1 at 5:04 AM EDT/ 2:04 AM PDT at 9 Vir 21. Mutable T-Square opposing Neptune retro at 10 Pis and squaring Saturn and Mars conjunct at 10-14 Sag. Continuing to highlight the Saturn-Neptune square. Do your dreams need correcting?
Full Moon Eclipse Sep 16 at 3:06 PM EDT/ 12:06 PM PDT from 24 Pis 20. A different Mutable T-Square with Chiron retro at 23 Pis and Mars at 23 Sag. Friction.
New Moon Sep 30 at 8:13 PM EDT/ 5:13 PM PDT at 8 Lib 15. Conjuncts Jupiter at 4 Lib, all squaring Mars at 2 Cap. May be easy to get carried away.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Direct Sep 22 at 1:30 AM EDT/ Sep 21 at 10:30 PM PDT at 14 Vir 49. Saving Mercury from having to square Saturn again (which it is doing now).

Pluto Stationary turning Direct Sep 26 at 11:03 AM EDT/ 8:03 AM PDT at 14 Cap 55.
Jupiter into Libra Sep 9 at 7:19 AM EDT/ 4:19 AM PDT.
Sun into Libra Sep 22 at 10:22 AM EDT/ 7:22 AM PDT.
Venus into Scorpio Sep 23 at 10:52 AM EDT/ 7:52 AM PDT.
Mars into Capricorn Sep 27 at 4:08 AM EDT/ 1:08 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun squares Saturn Sep 1 at 11:23 PM EDT/ 8:23 PM PDT from 10 Vir 05. Just after the New Moon, this piece speaks of laying low, hiding one’s brightness, enduring. Sun following Mercury and Venus from last month recreating the Mutable T-Squre with Neptune retro at 10 Pis.

Sun opposes Neptune retro Sep 2 at 12:39 PM EDT/ 9:39 AM PDT from 10 Vir 37. More compassion, more inclusiveness, more idealism than (Saturn) yesterday.
Mercury retro conjuncts Jupiter Sep 2 at 1:19 PM EDT/ 10:19 AM PDT at 28 Vir 34. This lasts longer than usual, with the first pass about 10 days ago. A prolonged period when we can learn, or offer words that expand, "what if…?"
Saturn squares Neptune retro Sep 10 at 9:05 AM EDT/ 6:05 AM PDT from 10 Sag 24. Final of three exact hits, starting with last November. The entire cycle began in 1989. So what does this time have to do with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Iron Curtain and Soviet Union (1989)?

Venus squares Pluto retro Sep 11 at 3:49 AM EDT/ 12:49 AM PDT from 14 Lib 59. Moon also involved, at 9 Cap conjunct Pluto. Good time for cleaning up.

Mercury squares Mars Sep 12 at 2:59 PM EDT/ 11:59 AM PDT from 20 Vir 49. Mercury also conjuncts Sun at 20 Vir, both making a Mutable T-Square with Chiron retro at 23 Pis. Sharp, impatient, loud.
Sun conjuncts Mercury retro Sep 12 at 7:41 PM EDT/ 4:41 PM PDT at 20 Vir 37. (see above)
Sun squares Mars Sep 13 at 4:40 PM EDT/ 1:40 PM PDT from 21 Vir 28. Mutable T-Square continues. Impatience, reactive, possible frustration..
Venus opposes Uranus retro Sep 18 at 4:07 AM EDT/ 1:07 AM PDT from 23 Lib 33. Moon also involved at 17 Ari. Unusual beauty, the attraction of the bizarre, smooth rebellion.
Sun conjuncts Jupiter Sep 26 at 3:01 AM EDT/ 12:01 AM PDT at 3 Lib 37. The annual day of optimism. Can we get more of these? Squaring Mars at 29 Sag. How much confidence and optimism is too much?

In addition, Sun trines Pluto Sep 6-7, Venus sextiles Saturn Sep 6-7, Mercury opposes Chiron Sep 9-10, Sun opposes Chiron Sep 14-15, Mars squares Chiron Sep 15, Mars trines Uranus Sep 16-17, Venus sextiles Mars Sep 18-19.