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Mundane Activity


Warped Spiral Galaxy ESO 510-13

Image Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), C. Conselice (U. Wisconsin/STScI) et al., NASA

Full Moon Dec 13 at 7:07 PM EST/ 4:07 PM PST from 22 Gem 26. Sun conjuncts Saturn at 19 Sag. A Mutable T-Square with Chiron at 20 Pis.
New Moon Dec 29 at 1:54 AM EST/ Dec 28 at 10:54 PM PST at 7 Cap 59. Conjuncts Mercury retro at 6 Cap.

Planetary Changes:

Chiron Stationary turning Direct Dec 1 at 4:54 AM EST/ 1:54 AM PST at 20 Pis 40.

Mercury Stationary turning Retrograde Dec 19 at 5:56 AM EST/ 2:56 AM PST at 15 Cap 07.
Uranus Stationary turning Direct Dec 29 at 4:30 AM EST/ 1:30 AM PST at 20 Ari 33.
Mercury into Capricorn Dec 2 at 4:19 PM EST/ 1:19 PM PST.
Venus into Aquarius Dec 7 at 9:52 AM EST/ 6:52 AM PST.
Mars into Pisces Dec 19 at 4:24 AM EST/ 1:24 AM PST.
Sun into Capricorn Dec 21 at 5:45 AM EST/ 2:45 AM PST.

Key Aspects:

Sun conjuncts Saturn Dec 10 at 6:52 AM EST/ 3:52 AM PST at 18 Sag 51. Squares Chiron at 20 Pis, sextiles Jupiter at 18 Lib and trines Uranus retro at 20 Ari. The odds are you can make this disciplined and patient time work for you, if you look for openings and new possibilities.

Saturn trines Uranus Dec 24 at 7:22 PM EST/ 4:22 PM PST from 20 Sag 33. Continuing a mostly quiet month, where change is favored so disruption (which almost always accompanies change) can be minimal. This cycle began in 1988.
Jupiter opposes Uranus retro Dec 26 at 1:36 PM EST/ 10:36 AM PST from 20 Lib 33. Cardinal T-Square with Pluto at 16 Cap. Reminds us of 2014 when Jupiter was in Can forming a slightly different T-Square. This cycle began in 2010-11. Can you see connections between what’s happening now and 2010-11 or 2014 with regard to change? There are new ways to do things that will only make sense if you’re willing to change.
Sun conjuncts Mercury retro Dec 28 at 1:48 PM EST/ 10:48 AM PST at 7 Cap 28. At the New Moon.
Mars conjuncts Neptune Jan 1 at 1:52 AM EST/ Dec 31 at 10:52 PM PST at 9 Pis 44. Stealth. Something is happening here, Mr. Jones, and you don't know what it is. Chronic fatigue?

In addition, Mars trines Jupiter Dec 1, Mars sextiles Saturn Dec 2-3, Mars sextiles Uranus Dec 6, Sun sextiles Jupiter Dec 9, Mercury sextiles Neptune Dec 9-10, Sun trines Uranus Dec 11-12, Sun squares Chiron Dec 11-12, Venus trines Jupiter Dec 24-25, Venus sextiles Uranus Dec 25, Venus sextiles Saturn Dec 25, Mercury sextiles Neptune Dec 26, Sun sextiles Mars Dec 26-27, Mercury sextiles Mars Dec 28, Saturn squares Chiron Dec 28, Sun sextiles Neptune Dec 30.