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Mundane Activity

JUNE 2016

In the Heart of the Tarantula Nebula

Credit: ESA, NASA, ESO, & Danny LaCrue

New Moon Jun 4 at 11:01 PM EDT/ 8:01 PM PDT at 14 Gem 53. Exactly conjuncts Venus, forming a Mutable Grand Cross, opposing Saturn retro at 13 Sag, square to Jupiter at 14 Vir, and Neptune at 12 Pis. Many potentials, many directions and hard to know, which way to go.
Full Moon Jun 20 at 7:03 AM EDT/ 4:03 AM PDT from 29 Sag 33. A Mutable T-Square with Chiron at 25 Pis. During a Mutable Grand Cross with Mercury opposing Saturn retro 11 Gem/Sag, squaring the opposition between Jupiter at 15 Vir and Neptune retro at 12 Pis.

Planetary Changes:

Neptune Stationary turning Retrograde Jun 13 at 4:43 PM EDT/ 1:43 PM PDT at 12 Pis 02.

Chiron Stationary turning Retrograde Jun 27 at 7:11 AM EDT/ 4:11 AM PDT at 25 Pis 15.
Mars Stationary turning Direct Jun 29 at 7:40 PM EDT/ 4:40 PM PDT at 23 Sco 03.
Mercury into Gemini Jun 12 at 7:24 PM EDT/ 4:24 PM PDT.
Venus into Cancer Jun 17 at 3:40 PM EDT/ 12:40 PM PDT.
Sun into Cancer Jun 20 at 6:35 PM EDT/ 3:35 PM PDT.
Mercury into Cancer Jun 29 at 7:35 PM EDT/ 4:35 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun squares Neptune Jun 1 at 10:43 PM EDT/ 7:43 PM PDT from 12 Gem 00. Sun and Venus (see below) fill in the 4th leg of a Mutable Grand Cross, along with Jupiter at 14 Vir and Saturn retro at 13 Sag. Very diffused, out of focus, What is there to be found within the cracks?

Venus squares Neptune Jun 3 at 12:15 AM EDT/ Jun 2 at 9:15 PM PDT from 12 Gem 00. (see above)
Sun opposes Saturn retro Jun 3 at 2:38 AM EDT/ Jun 2 at 11:38 PM PDT from 13 Gem 07. Confronted with the limits of material reality, but with foundations undermined and eroded by wishful thinking and immature confusion
Venus opposes Saturn retro Jun 3 at 8:48 PM EDT/ 5:48 PM PDT from 13 Gem 03. With Venus involved, this materially could refer to weakening of currency or the markets, and the Saturnian attempts to shore them up. With an edge, as the Moon opposes Mars retro at 27 Sco.

Sun squares Jupiter Jun 4 at 6:58 AM EDT/ 3:58 AM PDT from 14 Gem 14. Are the heights to which you aspire compatible with the limits you live within?

Venus squares Jupiter Jun 4 at 8:50 PM EDT/ 5:50 PM PDT from 14 Gem 17. Admiring the best doesn’t necessarily mean you have to possess the best. Occurring at, and participating in, the New Moon (see above).
Sun conjuncts Venus Jun 6 at 5:40 PM EDT/ 2:40 PM PDT at 16 Gem 35. Let harmony flow where it is needed, with so much antagonism in the skies.
Mercury opposes Mars retro Jun 9 at 1:02 PM EDT/ 10:02 AM PDT from 25 Tau 50. Wide Fixed T-Square with Moon at 19 Leo. Short fuse.
Saturn retro squares Neptune retro Jun 17 at 11:30 PM EDT/ 8:30 PM PDT from 12 Sag 02. Second hit of the last quarter square, in a cycle that began in 1989. Neptune overcame Saturn as the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain collapsed. This one is part of a Grand Mutable Cross with Mercury at 7 Gem and Jupiter at 15 Vir.
Mercury opposes Saturn retro Jun 20 at 10:57 AM EDT/ 7:57 AM PDT from 11 Gem 51. The Mutable Grand Cross continues, here obstructing traffic and oppressing thought or speech. Or maybe voicing the rules.
Mercury squares Neptune retro Jun 20 at 1:12 PM EDT/ 10:12 AM PDT from 12 Gem 01. Abstract vs. concrete. Theories vs. facts. Precision vs. poetics.
Mercury squares Jupiter Jun 22 at 7:00 PM EDT/ 4:00 PM PDT from 16 Gem 03. A shot of good news?
Venus opposes Pluto retro Jun 30 at 11:33 PM EDT/ 8:33 PM PDT from 16 Can 22. Finally! On the last day of the month, something other than the Mutable T-Square. We go back for the next few days to the Uranus-Pluto square, now being triggered first by Venus. Instinctive family emotions.

In addition, Mercury sextiles Chiron Jun 8, Mars trines Chiron Jun 11-12, Venus sextiles Uranus Jun 11-12, Venus squares Chiron Jun 13, Sun sextiles Uranus Jun 13-14, Sun squares Chiron Jun 15, Jupiter trines Pluto Jun 25-26, Mercury sextiles Uranus Jun 26, Venus trines Neptune Jun 26-27, Mercury squares Chiron Jun 27.