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The Large Cloud of Magellan 
Image Credit & Copyright: Carlos Fairbairn

New Moon Nov 11 at 12:48 PM EST/ 9:48 AM PST at 19 Sco 01. Sextiles Jupiter at 18 Vir, and trines Chiron retro at 17 Pis. Look for healing insights or treatments.
Full Moon Nov 25 at 5:45 PM EST/ 2:45 PM PST from 3 Gem 20. Sun is conjunct Saturn at 7 Sag and Mercury at 8 Sag. All make a Mutable T-Square with Neptune at 7 Pis. Continuing the theme of Saturn square Neptune, limits versus all-inclusive, material reality versus imagination and dream, standing alone versus communing with All.

Planetary Changes:

Neptune Stationary turning Direct Nov 18 at 11:32 AM EST/ 8:32 AM PST at 7 Pis 01. This station makes the square with Saturn even stronger.

Chiron Stationary turning Direct Nov 28 at 1:44 AM EST/ Nov 27 at 10:44 PM PST at 16 Pis 56.
Mercury into Scorpio Nov 2 at 2:07 AM EST/ Nov 1 at 11:07 PM PST.
Venus into Libra Nov 8 at 10:32 AM EST/ 7:32 AM PST.
Mars into Libra Nov 12 at 4:42 PM EST/ 1:42 PM PST.
Mercury into Sagittarius Nov 20 at 2:44 PM EST/ 11:44 AM PST.
Sun into Sagittarius Nov 22 at 10:26 AM EST/ 7:26 AM PST.

Key Aspects:

Venus conjuncts Mars Nov 2 at 8:11 PM EST/ 5:11 PM PST at 24 Vir 02. Still both conjunct Jupiter at 17 Vir. Make hay while the…

Sun conjuncts Mercury Nov 17 at 9:54 AM EST/ 6:54 AM PST at 24 Sco 55.
Venus squares Pluto Nov 20 at 9:03 PM EST/ 6:03 PM PST from 13 Lib 45. Venus enters the Cardinal T-Square.
Venus opposes Uranus retro Nov 23 at 5:14 PM EST/ 2:14 PM PST from 16 Lib 59. Stressful few days possible for relationships.
Mercury conjuncts Saturn Nov 24 at 11:58 PM EST/ 8:58 PM PST at 6 Sag 52. And conjuncts the Sun at 2 Sag, All square to Neptune at 7 Pis. Another take on the Saturn-Neptune square going on. What needs to be brought into clearer focus?.
Mercury squares Neptune Nov 25 at 2:16 AM EST/ Nov 24 at 11:16 PM PST from 7 Sag 01. (see above) Words may lack precision or seriousness.
Saturn squares Neptune Nov 26 at 7:16 AM EST/ 4:16 AM PST from 7 Sag 02. The story of this month is here, as the Sun and Mercury join in this longer square. Putting limits on fantasy or escapism. Or dissolving defense and structure.
Sun squares Neptune Nov 29 at 9:51 AM EST/ 6:51 AM PST from 7 Sag 03. Where do you see the clash between Saturn and Neptune? Is it a clash or is it more subtle?
Sun conjuncts Saturn Nov 29 at 7:17 PM EST/ 4:17 PM PST at 7 Sag 27. Does Saturn get the final word? Typically a down day.

In addition, Jupiter opposes Chiron Nov 3, Sun sextiles Pluto Nov 5, Mercury trines Neptune Nov 5-6. Sun trines Chiron Nov 9, Mercury sextiles Pluto Nov 9-10, Sun sextiles Jupiter Nov 10, Mercury trines Chiron Nov 11-12, Venus sextiles Saturn Nov 13, Mercury sextiles Jupiter Nov 13, Mars sextiles Saturn Nov 23-24, Mercury sextiles Mars Nov 24-25.