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Mundane Activity

APRIL 2014

The Seagull Nebula

Image Credit & Copyright: Michael Miller

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Apr 15 at 3:43 AM EDT/ 12:43 AM PDT from 25 Lib 16. During a time of heightened artistic sensitivity and mental originality.
New Moon Solar Eclipse Apr 29 at 2:15 AM EDT/ Apr 28 at 11:15 PM PDT at 8 Tau 52. Trining Pluto retro at 13 Cap. An image of fruitful transformation.

Planetary Changes:

Pluto Stationary turning retro Apr 14 at 7:47 PM EDT/ 4:47 PM PDT at 13 Cap 34. Cardinal Grand Cross reappears after dissolving in January. A time for getting to the root of things.

Venus into Pisces Apr 5 at 4:30 PM EDT/ 1:30 PM PDT.
Mercury into Aries Apr 7 at 11:34 AM EDT/ 8:34 AM PDT.
Sun into Taurus Apr 19 at 11:55 PM EDT/ 8:55 PM PDT.
Mercury into Taurus Apr 23 at 5:16 AM EDT/ 2:16 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun squares Jupiter Apr 1 at 3:39 AM EDT/ 12:39 AM PDT from 11 Ari 30. Tight Cardinal T-Square with Uranus at 12 Ari conjunct the Sun, and Pluto at 13 Cap. Surprises.

Sun conjuncts Uranus Apr 2 at 3:08 AM EDT/ 12:08 AM PDT at 12 Ari 28. (See above)
Sun squares Pluto Apr 3 at 5:21 AM EDT/ 2:21 AM PDT from 13 Ari 32. Completing the Sun’s passage across the T-Square.
Sun opposes Mars retro Apr 8 at 5:03 PM EDT/ 2:03 PM PDT from 18 Ari 56. The Cardinal T-Square has once again become a Grand Cross, as Mars retrogrades back to its earlier position. Tension, as someone wants their way.
Venus conjuncts Neptune Apr 11 at 10:23 PM EDT/ 7:23 PM PDT at 6 Pis 41. Focused by opposing Moon at 14 Vir, and trining Jupiter at 12 Can. Compassion after a fairly intense battle.
Mercury squares Jupiter Apr 14 at 2:32 PM EDT/ 11:32 AM PDT from 12 Ari 48. Things are very polarized as Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 13 Ari at Apr 14 at 7:15 PM EDT/ 4:15 PM PDT, opposing Mars retro and Moon at 16-18 Lib. This opposition is squared on both ends by Jupiter at 12 Can and Pluto at 13 Cap.
Mercury squares Pluto retro Apr 15 at 12:13 AM EDT/ Apr 14 at 9:13 PM PDT from 13 Ari 34. Tense times continue.
Mercury opposes Mars retro Apr 16 at 7:15 AM EDT/ 4:15 AM PDT from 16 Ari 03. Mercury completes its dance through the powerful Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Pluto.
Jupiter squares Uranus Apr 20 at 3:28 AM EDT/ 12:28 AM PDT from 13 Can 29. Highlighting the intensity of these alignments, reminding us that unexpected benefits are always possible.
Jupiter opposes Pluto retro Apr 20 at 7:26 PM EDT/ 4:26 PM PDT from 13 Can 34. Three different cycles stand now at critical phases: Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter/Uranus, and Uranus/Pluto. All while Mars arrives to stir things up.
Uranus squares Pluto retro Apr 21 at 3:20 PM EDT/ 12:20 PM PDT from 13 Ari 34. This is the fifth exact square out of 7 in all, ending in a little less than a year from now.
Mars retro squares Jupiter Apr 22 at 3:27 PM EDT/ 12:27 PM PDT from 13 Lib 48. This Cardinal Grand Cross now has all four planets (Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto) within 15 minutes of arc. Mars says, "I want it NOW."
Mars retro opposes Uranus Apr 23 at 3:08 AM EDT/ 12:08 AM PDT from 13 Lib 39. Mars says "I want to be free."
Mars retro squares Pluto retro Apr 23 at 9:37 AM EDT/ 6:37 AM PDT from 13 Lib 33. What have the past 3 days brought? Or these months since December, when Mars last visited?
Sun conjuncts Mercury Apr 25 at 11:27 PM EDT/ 8:27 PM PDT at 5 Tau 49.

In addition, Mercury trines Saturn Apr 2, Venus trines Jupiter Apr 17, Venus sextiles Pluto Apr 17-18, Venus conjuncts Chiron Apr 20, Venus trines Saturn Apr 24-25, Mercury sextiles Neptune Apr 26, Sun sextiles Neptune Apr 26-27, Mercury trines Pluto Apr 29, Mercury sextiles Jupiter Apr 29-30.