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The Eagle Nebula from Kitt Peak

Image Credit: T. A. Rector & B. A. Wolpa, NOAO, AURA

Full Moon Oct 16 at 12:24 AM EDT/ Oct 15 at 9:24 PM PDT from 23 Ari 14. Moon conjuncts Uranus retro at 22 Ari. A possible whiff of freedom.
New Moon Oct 30 at 1:39 PM EDT/ 10:39 AM PDT at 7 Sco 44. New Moon conjuncts Mercury at 9 Sco, all trine Neptune retro at 9 Pis. Be receptive to ideas, communicate your dreams.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury into Libra Oct 7 at 3:57 AM EDT/ 12:57 AM PDT.

Venus into Sagittarius Oct 18 at 3:02 AM EDT/ 12:02 AM PDT.
Sun into Scorpio Oct 22 at 7:47 PM EDT/ 4:47 PM PDT.
Mercury into Scorpio Oct 24 at 4:47 PM EDT/ 1:47 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mars squares Jupiter Oct 5 at 5:46 PM EDT/ 2:46 PM PDT from 5 Cap 41. Tendency to go too fast, try too much, but maybe that’s the only way to get this done.

Sun squares Pluto Oct 7 at 3:34 PM EDT/ 12:34 PM PDT from 14 Lib 57. Sun crossing Uranus-Pluto square by a wider margin (Uranus retro at 22 Ari). Contest of wills.
Mercury conjuncts Jupiter Oct 11 at 5:47 AM EDT/ 2:47 AM PDT at 6 Lib 42. Last exact hit for these two this time around. Now is the time to say it. Or to learn. Or to listen.
Mercury squares Mars Oct 13 at 5:01 PM EDT/ 2:01 PM PDT from 11 Lib 09. Like above, last time for this square, going on since the end of July. Mars is conjunct Pluto at 15 Cap and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 7 Lib. A climax of sorts: vision trying to combine with decisive action.

Sun opposes Uranus retro Oct 15 at 6:44 AM EDT/ 3:44 AM PDT from 22 Lib 30. As the Uranus-Pluto square finally winds down (and what HAS happened since 2012?) this is another grand climax of sorts: a Cardinal T-Square with Mars (12 Cap) conjunct Pluto (15 Cap). Though this is written in 2014, it’s now less than one month before the US elections, and there should be some perspective on all this to be had. Something may be ready to blow.

Mercury squares Pluto Oct 15 at 10:30 PM EDT/ 7:30 PM PDT from 15 Lib 01. Mercury follows Sun, bringing the world of intellect, travel, and communication into this climactic time.
Mars conjuncts Pluto Oct 19 at 7:24 AM EDT/ 4:24 AM PDT at 15 Cap 03. Finally, after Sun and Mercury, Mars makes the treacherous passage, first conjuncting Pluto now. A likely flammable situation.
Mercury opposes Uranus retro Oct 20 at 3:49 AM EDT/ 12:49 AM PDT from 22 Lib 18. Sun conjuncts Mercury trying to break free. From what?
Venus squares Neptune retro Oct 25 at 9:55 PM EDT/ 6:55 PM PDT from 9 Sag 24. Now a little action for the lengthy Saturn-Neptune square, as Venus enters the world of the beautiful imagination, but with an upcoming date with Saturn who will present the bill.
Sun conjuncts Mercury Oct 27 at 12:18 PM EDT/ 9:18 AM PDT at 4 Sco 40.
Mars squares Uranus Oct 29 at 12:07 AM EDT/ Oct 28 at 9:07 PM PDT from 21 Cap 57. Completing Mars’ passage over Uranus-Pluto, anything could happen here. Turbulence and rebellion.
Venus conjuncts Saturn Oct 29 at 8:46 PM EDT/ 5:46 PM PDT at 14 Sag 10. Just before the New Moon (see above), offering a chance to realize the true value of what matters to you.

In addition, Venus trines Neptune Oct 1, Mercury opposes Chiron Oct 1, Sun sextiles Saturn Oct 4, Venus sextiles Pluto Oct 5, Venus trines Chiron Oct 10-11, Mars sextiles Neptune Oct 11, Mercury sextiles Saturn Oct 14, Venus sextiles Jupiter Oct 26, Mars sextiles Chiron Oct 27, Mercury trines Neptune Oct 30.