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Mundane Activity

MAY 2014

The Pleiades Deep and Dusty

Image Credit & Copyright: David Lane

Full Moon May 14 at 3:17 PM EDT/ 12:17 PM PDT from 23 Sco 55. With Saturn retro conjuncting the Moon and Mars at the Full Moon’s midpoint. A bit heavier, or more oppressive, than the usual Full Moon.
New Moon May 28 at 2:41 PM EDT/ 11:41 AM PDT at 7 Gem 21. Exactly squared by Neptune at 7 Pis, and trining Mars at 9 Lib. Though clarity may be hard to find, you can run with it anyway.

Planetary Changes:

Mars Stationary turning direct May 19 at 9:31 PM EDT/ 6:31 PM PDT at 9 Lib 01. Beginning the third and final pass with Uranus-Pluto completing whatever began at the end of 2013.

Venus into Aries May 2 at 9:21 PM EDT/ 6:21 PM PDT.
Mercury into Gemini May 7 at 10:56 AM EDT/ 7:56 AM PDT.
Sun into Gemini May 20 at 10:59 PM EDT/ 7:59 PM PDT.
Venus into Taurus May 28 at 9:45 PM EDT/ 6:45 PM PDT.
Mercury into Cancer May 29 at 5:11 AM EDT/ 2:11 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mercury opposes Saturn retro May 2 at 8:56 PM EDT/ 5:56 PM PDT from 20 Tau 35. Words about serious issues, or words that separate, or no words at all.

Sun opposes Saturn retro May 10 at 2:27 PM EDT/ 11:27 AM PDT from 20 Tau 01. Faced with blockage, holding steady and holding firm. Focus.
Venus opposes Mars retro May 11 at 5:26 AM EDT/ 2:26 AM PDT from 9 Ari 30. A strong mix here. Venus is conjunct Uranus at 14 Ari and Mars is conjunct the Moon at 8 Lib, all squaring Pluto retro at 13 Cap and Jupiter at 16 Can. Surprises, passion, much creative potential.
Venus squares Pluto retro May 14 at 1:49 PM EDT/ 10:49 AM PDT from 13 Ari 21. Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter at 17 Can and Mars retro at 9 Lib. Attraction to the darker elements, experimentation.
Venus conjuncts Uranus May 15 at 7:53 PM EDT/ 4:53 PM PDT at 14 Ari 48. (See above)
Venus squares Jupiter May 18 at 11:30 AM EDT/ 8:30 AM PDT from 17 Ari 52. Thus ends Venus’ trip through the Cardinal Grand Cross over the past week. What is being overdone? Over-hyped? Over-valued?
Sun squares Neptune May 28 at 7:42 PM EDT/ 4:42 PM PDT from 7 Gem 33. This during the New Moon (see above). It is easier to spot similarities than differences now.

In addition, Mercury sextiles Chiron May 1, Sun trines Pluto May 3, Sun sextiles Jupiter May 5-6, Sun sextiles Chiron May 6-7, Mercury trines Mars May 12, Jupiter trines Chiron May 13-14, Mercury sextiles Venus May 15, Mercury sextiles Uranus May 15, Mercury squares Chiron May 16-17, Jupiter trines Saturn May 24, Mercury sextiles Venus May 27-28, Sun trines Mars May 30-31