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Mundane Activity


Inside the Eagle Nebula

Credit: Far-infrared: ESA/Herschel/PACS/SPIRE/Hill, Motte, HOBYS Key Programme Consortium;
X-ray: ESA/XMM-Newton/EPIC/XMM-Newton-SOC/Boulanger

New Moon Aug 2 at 4:46 PM EDT/ 1:46 PM PDT at 10 Leo 58. Quiet, alone and self-absorbed.
Full Moon Aug 18 at 5:28 AM EDT/ 2:28 AM PDT from 25 Aqu 52. Mediated by trine/sextile to Uranus retro at 24 Ari. A temporary opportunity for release and freedom in the shadow of the approaching Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sag.

Planetary Changes:

Saturn Stationary turning Direct Aug 13 at 5:51 AM EDT/ 2:51 AM PDT at 9 Sag 46. Making for a longer Mars-Saturn conjunction this month.

Mercury Stationary turning Retrograde Aug 30 at 9:05 AM EDT/ 6:05 AM PDT at 29 Vir 04. Making for a longer Mercury-Jupiter conjunction next month.
Mars into Sagittarius Aug 2 at 1:50 PM EDT/ 10:50 AM PDT.
Venus into Virgo Aug 5 at 11:28 AM EDT/ 8:28 AM PDT.
Sun into Virgo Aug 22 at 12:40 PM EDT/ 9:40 AM PDT.
Venus into Libra Aug 29 at 10:08 PM EDT/ 7:08 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mercury squares Saturn retro Aug 6 at 9:19 AM EDT/ 6:19 AM PDT from 9 Vir 49. A temporary Mutable T-Square with Neptune retro at 11 Pis. Trying to integrate necessary logic and limits with imagination and fantasy, through words.

Venus squares Mars Aug 6 at 8:21 PM EDT/ 5:21 PM PDT from 1 Vir 41. Are you afraid people won’t like you if you take action?
Mercury opposes Neptune retro Aug 7 at 12:25 PM EDT/ 9:25 AM PDT from 11 Vir 18. More Mutable T-Square, this piece emphasizing imaginative creativity, which may be rejected by Saturn.
Venus squares Saturn Aug 13 at 10:32 AM EDT/ 7:32 AM PDT from 9 Vir 46. As Mercury leaves the scene (see above) Venus takes over in the Mutable T-Square with Saturn and Neptune. A dose of reality for how you would like things to be.

Venus opposes Neptune retro Aug 14 at 1:04 PM EDT/ 10:04 AM PDT from 11 Vir 08. Harder to evaluate objectively at such a time, easier to see what you want to believe.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter Aug 22 at 5:06 AM EDT/ 2:06 AM PDT at 26 Vir 13. Along with Venus at 20 Vir, opposing Chiron retro. After being shut in by cold Saturn two weeks ago, now the door and the mind are open, ready to grow.
Mars conjuncts Saturn Aug 24 at 7:28 AM EDT/ 4:28 AM PDT at 9 Sag 52. And now it’s Mars following in Mercury’s and Venus’s footsteps, forming a Mutable T-Square with Neptune retro at 11 Pis. Now it’s about decisions and actions, not just thoughts (Mercury) or preferences (Venus).
Mars squares Neptune retro Aug 26 at 2:57 AM EDT/ Aug 25 at 11:57 PM PDT from 10 Sag 49. Motives unclear, aim too high?
Venus conjuncts Jupiter Aug 27 at 6:30 PM EDT/ 3:30 PM PDT at 27 Vir 21. Potentially uplifting week with Mercury and Venus joining Jupiter, all opposing Chiron retro at 23 Pis. The Mars-Saturn conjunction either impedes or tempers enthusiasm.
Mercury conjuncts Venus Aug 29 at 2:33 AM EDT/ Aug 28 at 11:33 PM PDT at 29 Vir 00. Sweet words, seductive.

In addition, Venus trines Uranus Aug 1, Sun trines Saturn Aug 1, Mercury trines Pluto Aug 10, Jupiter opposes Chiron Aug 12, Sun trines Uranus Aug 16, Venus trines Pluto Aug 17, Mercury opposes Chiron Aug 18-19, Venus opposes Chiron Aug 24.