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Mundane Activity

JULY 2015

Star Factory Messier 17

Credit: ESO, INAF-VST, OmegaCAM

Full Moon Jul 1 at 10:21 PM EDT/ 7:21 PM PDT from 9 Cap 55. Moon conjuncts Pluto retro at 14 Cap, Sun conjuncts Mars at 5 Canc. All form a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus at 20 Ari. Clashes, warfare, power struggles.
New Moon Jul 15 at 9:25 PM EDT/ 6:25 PM PDT at 23 Can 14. Widely opposing Pluto retro at 14 Cap, squaring Uranus at 20 Ari, and forming a Grand Water Trine with Saturn retro at 28 Sco and Chiron retro at 21 Pis. Can you turn the energies of tension into a healing bath?
Full Moon Jul 31 at 6:44 AM EDT/ 3:44 AM PDT from 7 Aqu 56. A quiet one.

Planetary Changes:

Venus Stationary turning Retrograde Jul 25 at 5:30 AM EDT/ 2:30 AM PDT at 0 Vir 46.

Uranus Stationary turning Retrograde Jul 26 at 6:39 AM EDT/ 3:39 AM PDT at 20 Ari 30.
Mercury into Cancer Jul 8 at 2:53 PM EDT/ 11:53 AM PDT.
Venus into Virgo Jul 18 at 6:39 PM EDT/ 3:39 PM PDT.
Sun into Leo Jul 22 at 11:32 PM EDT/ 8:32 PM PDT.
Mercury into Leo Jul 23 at 8:15 AM EDT/ 5:15 AM PDT.
Venus into Leo Jul 31 at 11:28 AM EDT/ 8:28 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Venus conjuncts Jupiter Jul 1 at 3:52 AM EDT/ 12:52 AM PDT at 21 Leo 37. This will be a three-hit affair, as Venus goes retrograde this month and returns to join Jupiter until October 25. This confident (Leo) expansiveness and eye for creativity (trines Uranus at 20 Ari) is challenged by a square from Saturn retro at 29 Sco.

Mercury squares Chiron Jul 3 at 11:07 AM EDT/ 8:07 AM PDT from 21 Gem 31.
Sun opposes Pluto retro Jul 6 at 11:39 AM EDT/ 8:39 AM PDT from 14 Can 15. Forming a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus at 20 Ari. Mars conjuncts Sun from 8 Can. Stressful. Treacherous. Venus-Jupiter is still around to inspire you.
Sun squares Uranus Jul 12 at 10:54 PM EDT/ 7:54 PM PDT from 20 Can 25. First one through the Cardinal T-Square, followed by slower and more inflammatory Mars (see below).
Venus squares Saturn retro Jul 14 at 2:49 AM EDT/ Jul 13 at 11:49 PM PDT from 28 Leo 34. A quite lengthy square, because Venus is stationing this month, taking until Oct 10. Time to love the dark parts, soften the hardness.
Mars opposes Pluto retro Jul 15 at 10:13 AM EDT/ 7:13 AM PDT from 14 Can 02. Extra strong, at the New Moon (see above) and Mercury nearby. Friction, tension, Kinship may hold the key.
Mercury opposes Pluto retro Jul 15 at 7:41 PM EDT/ 4:41 PM PDT from 14 Can 01. Pressure to assert, put forward. Is Pluto repression?
Mercury conjuncts Mars Jul 16 at 12:15 AM EDT/ Jul 15 at 9:15 PM PDT at 14 Can 25. In the dark of the New Moon, someone somewhere is struggling to be heard.
Mercury squares Uranus Jul 18 at 9:08 PM EDT/ 6:08 PM PDT from 20 Can 28. Original or surprising thoughts or words. Erratic driving.
Sun conjuncts Mercury Jul 23 at 3:25 PM EDT/ 12:25 PM PDT at 0 Leo 37.
Mars squares Uranus Jul 25 at 5:44 AM EDT/ 2:44 AM PDT from 20 Can 30. The fireworks at the climax of this month’s Cardinal T-Square, which now begins to dissipate. Uranus very strong at this time as it stations.

In addition, Sun trines Neptune Jul 1, Mercury sextiles Uranus Jul 2, Mercury sextiles Jupiter Jul 3, Mercury sextiles Venus Jul 4-5, Mars trines Neptune Jul 8, Mercury trines Neptune Jul 13, Sun trines Chiron Jul 13, Mercury trines Chiron Jul 18-19, Sun trines Saturn Jul 20-21, Mercury trines Saturn Jul 22, Mars trines Chiron Jul 25-26.