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Mundane Activity

March 2015

Hubble's Lagoon

Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope

Full Moon Mar 5 at 1:07 PM EST/ 10:07 AM PST from 14 Virg 50. Sun conjuncts Chiron at 17 Pis and Neptune at 7 Pis. Mediated by a trine/sextile to Pluto at 15 Cap. Also featured at this time is an interesting Venus–Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries, squared to Pluto (see below). Soft imaginative sensitivity at the same time as potent creativity.
New Moon Eclipse Mar 20 at 5:37 AM EDT/ 2:37 AM PDT at 29 Pisc 27. Just before the vernal equinox, a mixed message, in the final degree of the zodiac, the New Moon signals birth.

Planetary Changes:

Saturn Stationary turning Retro Mar 14 at 11:03 AM EDT/ 8:03 AM PDT at 4 Sag 55. Almost reaching a square to Neptune at 7 Pisc before turning back.

Mercury into Pisces Mar 12 at 11:53 PM EDT/ 8:53 PM PDT.
Venus into Taurus Mar 17 at 6:16 AM EDT/ 3:16 AM PDT.
Sun into Aries Mar 20 at 6:46 PM EDT/ 3:46 PM PDT.
Mercury into Aries Mar 30 at 9:43 PM EDT/ 6:43 PM PDT.
Mars into Taurus Mar 31 at 12:28 PM EDT/ 9:28 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mercury opposes Jupiter retro Mar 1 at 4:16 PM EST/ 1:16 PM PST from 14 Aqu 45. Mercury also sextiles Uranus at 14 Ari and Venus at 11 Ari, suggesting words or thoughts that can be expansively original. Or shockingly overdone.

Jupiter retro trines Uranus Mar 3 at 7:25 AM EST/ 4:25 AM PST from 14 Leo 35. Amidst the climactic final Uranus/Pluto square this month, this slow-moving trine also includes now Venus conjuncting Uranus along with Mars, and the Moon conjuncting Jupiter. Take advantage of this most fortuitous creative time.
Venus conjuncts Uranus Mar 4 at 1:47 PM EST/ 10:47 AM PST at 14 Ari 38. Exactly trining Jupiter retro at 14 Leo, and sextile Mercury at 18 Aqu (see above). Squares Pluto at 15 Cap. Continuing to highlight this intensely creative and transformative time. What do you have to say?
Venus squares Pluto Mar 4 at 10:18 PM EST/ 7:18 PM PST from 15 Ari 04. Something needs to change or be eliminated. Try something new. What attracts you?
Mars conjuncts Uranus Mar 11 at 12:07 PM EDT/ 9:07 AM PDT at 15 Ari 00. As Venus scurries away (see above), it’s Mars’ turn. Exact square to Pluto at 15 Cap as well. This has often been an explosive combination. Now aided by a trine to Jupiter retro at 13 Leo. It seems decisive action MUST be taken.
Mars squares Pluto Mar 11 at 6:40 PM EDT/ 3:40 PM PDT from 15 Ari 12. Suggesting foreceful action, strong will, with resistance. Dampened perhaps by a Moon-Saturn conjunction occurring today as well.
Mercury squares Saturn stationary Mar 16 at 5:42 AM EDT/ 2:42 AM PDT from 4 Pisc 55. Calls for serious objectivity and simple words or silence, while not forgetting your dreams and imagination (see below).
Uranus squares Pluto stationary Mar 16 at 10:55 PM EDT/ 7:55 PM PDT from 15 Ari 18. At last, the final square between these two; number 7 of 7. Starting in 2012, this has been the main focus of astrologers for our times, indicating upheaval, cleansing, intense struggle, and (hopefully) transformation.
Mercury conjuncts Neptune Mar 18 at 4:50 AM EDT/ 1:50 AM PDT at 8 Pisc 01. Joined by the Moon later today, this is part of Mercury’s passage over the current Saturn-Neptune square. It asks for communication of the tension between boundaries and limits versus dreams or fantasies of unlimited aspirations.
Venus squares Jupiter retro Mar 27 at 10:12 PM EDT/ 7:12 PM PDT from 12 Tau 48. Easy to overdo acquisitiveness, possessiveness, or greed. Time for pleasure, but what’s too much?

In addition, Mercury sextiles Uranus Mar 1, Venus trines Jupiter Mar 3-4, Sun sextiles Pluto Mar 5, Sun conjuncts Chiron Mar 7, Mars trines Jupiter Mar 9-10, Mercury sextiles Pluto Mar 22, Venus sextiles Neptune Mar 23-24, Mercury conjuncts Chiron Mar 23-24, Sun trines Saturn Mar 25, Venus trines Pluto Mar 29-30.