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Mundane Activity

APRIL 2015

Horsehead: A Wider View

Composition and Processing: Robert Gendler
Image Data: ESO, VISTA, HLA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Full Moon Eclipse Apr 4 at 8:07 AM EDT/ 5:07 AM PDT from 14 Libr 24. This Full Moon triggers our old friend (since 2012) the Uranus-Pluto square, with Uranus at 16 Ari conjunct the Sun, and Pluto square from 15 Cap. Thus a potent Cardinal T-Square. Tough placement for the US.
New Moon Apr 18 at 2:58 PM EDT/ 11:58 AM PDT at 28 Ari 25. Either very quiet, or a wild card, because this New Moon makes no aspects or connections with any other planets. But the New Moon in Aries is traditionally a good time for starting something.

Planetary Changes:

Jupiter Stationary turning Direct Apr 8 at 12:56 PM EDT/ 9:56 AM PDT at 12 Leo 35. Adding strength to its current trine to Sun, Mercury and Uranus at 16-18 Ari.

Pluto Stationary turning Retrograde Apr 16 at 11:56 PM EDT/ 8:56 PM PDT at 15 Cap 32. Intensifying the ongoing square with Uranus a 17 Ari.
Venus into Gemini Apr 11 at 11:30 AM EDT/ 8:30 AM PDT.
Mercury into Taurus Apr 14 at 6:53 PM EDT/ 3:53 PM PDT.
Sun into Taurus Apr 20 at 5:43 AM EDT/ 2:43 AM PDT.
Mercury into Gemini Apr 30 at 10:01 PM EDT/ 7:01 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun squares Pluto Apr 5 at 11:09 AM EDT/ 8:09 AM PDT from 15 Ari 30. For 3 years, every three months, the Sun has acted as a trigger for the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. In addition, this time the Sun is also trining Jupiter retro at 12 Leo, suggesting beneficial forces at work, or at least helping to relieve the stress of the square (see Full Moon above).

Sun conjuncts Uranus Apr 6 at 10:09 AM EDT/ 7:09 AM PDT at 16 Ari 27. Same as above, and Mercury is conjunct the Sun for both of these aspects, adding in a mental and communicative slant, perhaps disrupting travel as well. Favorable for new ideas.
Mercury squares Pluto Apr 7 at 8:08 PM EDT/ 5:08 PM PDT from 15 Ari 31. Lots of pressure either to speak, or to keep quiet.
Mercury conjuncts Uranus Apr 8 at 8:21 AM EDT/ 5:21 AM PDT at 16 Ari 33. Do you dare to speak your truth? To hear theirs?
Sun conjuncts Mercury Apr 10 at 12:01 AM EDT/ Apr 9 at 9:01 PM PDT at 19 Ari 58.
Venus opposes Saturn retro Apr 15 at 12:26 AM EDT/ Apr 14 at 9:26 PM PDT from 4 Gem 07. Forming a Mutable T-Square with Moon at 5 Pis and Neptune at 9 Pis. Confusion about worth and value, including a debate between what you wish and what is.
Mars squares Jupiter Apr 17 at 8:30 PM EDT/ 5:30 PM PDT from 12 Taur 43. You may be hasty, and motives may not be clear (or be too clear) as this coincides with a Moon-Uranus conjunction at 17 Ari.
Venus squares Neptune Apr 19 at 6:30 AM EDT/ 3:30 AM PDT from 9 Gem 03. Emphasizing the more idealistic and less realistic piece of this T-Square (see two paragraphs above).
Mercury squares Jupiter Apr 21 at 12:17 AM EDT/ Apr 20 at 9:17 PM PDT from 12 Taur 49. Continuing the theme of escapism and exaggeration (lack of objectivity), and energized by the remnants of Mars squaring Jupiter (see above). Driving too fast?
Mercury conjuncts Mars Apr 22 at 7:04 PM EDT/ 4:04 PM PDT at 16 Tau 18. Both square to Jupiter at 13 Leo. Too much? Too fast? But a good time to enthusiastically put your message across.


In addition, Venus sextiles Chiron Apr 1, Mercury trines Saturn Apr 1-2, Sun trines Jupiter Apr 2, Mercury trines Jupiter Apr 5-6, Mars sextiles Neptune Apr 12, Mercury sextiles Neptune Apr 18-19, Mars trines Pluto Apr 21, Mercury trines Pluto Apr 21-22, Venus sextiles Jupiter Apr 22, Mercury sextiles Chiron Apr 24, Venus sextiles Uranus Apr 26, Mars sextiles Chiron Apr 27-28, Venus squares Chiron Apr 28-29, Sun sextiles Neptune Apr 29.