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Mundane Activity

MARCH 2014

Comet Lovejoy through Mörby Castle Ruins

Image Credit & Copyright: P-M Hedén (Clear Skies, TWAN)

New Moon Mar 1 at 3:01 AM EST/ 12:01 AM PST at 10 Pis 39. Between Neptune at 5 Pis and Chiron at 13 Pis, and trining Jupiter retro at 10 Can. Another one of those potential healing moments, if open to the right influences.
Full Moon Mar 16 at 1:09 PM EDT/ 10:09 AM PDT from 26 Vir 02. A quiet Full Moon, trining/sextiling Saturn retro at 23 Sco.
New Moon Mar 30 at 2:46 PM EDT/ 11:46 AM PDT at 9 Ari 59. Three months ago, on New Year’s Day, the New Moon landed right on Pluto. Now it’s conjunct Uranus at 12 Ari. A Cardinal T-Square already underway with Jupiter at 11 Can and Pluto at 13 Cap.

Planetary Changes:

Mars Stationary turning Retro Mar 1 at 11:23 AM EST/ 8:23 AM PST at 27 Lib 31. Mars now reverses itself and heads back for another pass at a Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in June.

Saturn Stationary turning Retro Mar 2 at 11:19 AM EST/ 8:19 AM PST at 23 Sco 19.
Jupiter Stationary turning Direct Mar 6 at 5:42 AM EST/ 2:42 AM PST at 10 Can 26.
Venus into Aquarius Mar 5 at 4:03 PM EST/ 1:03 PM PST.
Mercury into Pisces Mar 17 at 6:25 PM EDT/ 3:25 PM PDT.
Sun into Aries Mar 20 at 12:58 PM EDT/ 9:58 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Venus squares Mars retro Mar 2 at 3:03 PM EST/ 12:03 PM PST from 27 Cap 31. A return to the square that happened in January. Passive aggressive? Venus in Cap sticks with the status quo and consensus, while retro Mars in Libra won’t rock the boat. Will he?

Mercury squares Saturn retro Mar 11 at 2:15 AM EDT/ Mar 10 at 11:15 PM PDT from 23 Aqu 15. Usually indicative of communication or travel obstacles, but perhaps a tactful way out can be found, as Merc trines Mars retro at 27 Lib.
Mercury conjuncts Neptune Mar 22 at 4:17 PM EDT/ 1:17 PM PDT at 6 Pis 02. Much more favorable than 11 days ago, now with this imaginative communication aided by a trine to Jupiter at 11 Can.
Venus squares Saturn retro Mar 29 at 5:15 PM EDT/ 2:15 PM PDT from 22 Aqu 42. Approaching Sun-Uranus conjunction (see next month) doesn’t want to be stopped, but this aspect at least for now suggests a little caution.

In addition, Sun sextiles Pluto Mar 3, Sun conjuncts Chiron Mar 3, Sun trines Saturn Mar 13, Mercury trines Mars Mar 14, Venus sextiles Uranus Mar 18, Mercury trines Jupiter Mar 25-26, Mercury sextiles Pluto Mar 27-28, Mercury conjuncts Chiron Mar 28-29, Venus trines Mars Mar 29.