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Mundane Activity

JULY 2016

Dust and the Helix Nebula

NASA, JPL-Caltech, Kate Su (Steward Obs., U. Arizona), et al.

New Moon Jul 4 at 7:02 AM EDT/ 4:02 AM PDT at 12 Can 54. Also conjuncts Mercury at 9 Can, all opposing Pluto retro at 16 Cap. Intensified emotions.
Full Moon Jul 19 at 6:58 PM EDT/ 3:58 PM PDT from 27 Cap 40. For the past few years, a Full Moon might trigger BOTH Uranus and Pluto while they formed a tight square. But now they have separated from the square enough that a New Moon can trigger Pluto (see above) and then the following Full Moon hits Uranus. This one makes a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus at 24 Ari.

Planetary Changes:

Uranus Stationary turning Retrograde Jul 29 at 5:07 PM EDT/ 2:07 PM PDT at 24 Ari 30.

Venus into Leo Jul 12 at 1:35 AM EDT/ Jul 11 at 10:35 PM PDT.
Mercury into Leo Jul 13 at 8:48 PM EDT/ 5:48 PM PDT.
Sun into Leo Jul 22 at 5:31 AM EDT/ 2:31 AM PDT.
Mercury into Virgo Jul 30 at 2:19 PM EDT/ 11:19 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun conjuncts Mercury Jul 6 at 11:25 PM EDT/ 8:25 PM PDT at 15 Can 27. Opposing Pluto retro at 16 Cap. Compulsive speech (or silence)

Mercury opposes Pluto retro Jul 7 at 7:56 AM EDT/ 4:56 AM PDT from 16 Can 13. Words likely to find their target.
Venus squares Uranus Jul 7 at 10:26 AM EDT/ 7:26 AM PDT from 24 Can 18. Unusualness attracts. For some, abandonment issues.
Sun opposes Pluto retro Jul 7 at 6:28 PM EDT/ 3:28 PM PDT from 16 Can 12. So much depends on the lens through which you perceive those in front of you.

Mercury squares Uranus Jul 11 at 3:30 AM EDT/ 12:30 AM PDT from 24 Can 22. Also Sun and Venus nearby. New ideas can change your direction.

Sun squares Uranus Jul 16 at 9:33 AM EDT/ 6:33 AM PDT from 24 Can 26. (see above)
Mercury conjuncts Venus Jul 16 at 6:00 PM EDT/ 3:00 PM PDT at 5 Leo 45. Unlike the past two weeks (see above), now words can soothe, can sell, or bring you together.
Mercury squares Mars Jul 29 at 4:50 PM EDT/ 1:50 PM PDT from 28 Leo 36. Energizing Mercury/Venus as they trine Uranus, Look for motivation, passion, a spark.

In addition, Venus sextiles Jupiter Jul 1, Sun trines Neptune Jul 2-3, Mercury trines Neptune Jul 4-5, Venus trines Mars Jul 6, Venus trines Chiron Jul 7-8, Mercury sextiles Jupiter Jul 7-8, Sun sextiles Jupiter Jul 9-10, Mercury trines Mars Jul 10, Mercury trines Chiron Jul 11, Sun trines Mars Jul 16, Sun trines Chiron Jul 16-17, Mars trines Chiron Jul 16-17, Mercury trines Saturn Jul 18-19, Venus trines Saturn Jul 19-20, Mercury trines Uranus Jul 26-27.