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Mundane Activity

January 2015

Melotte 15 in the Heart

Image Credit & Copyright: Ivan Eder

Full Moon Jan 4 at 11:54 PM EST/ 8:54 PM PST from 14 Can 31. Sun is conjunct Pluto at 13 Cap, and FM makes a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus at 12 Ari. Saturn is also at the midpoint of this Full Moon. At this point we are well along in the process of annihilation/renewal associated with Uranus-Pluto.
New Moon Jan 20 at 8:15 AM EST/ 5:15 AM PST at 0 Aqu 09. Much quieter: sextiles Saturn at 2 Sag, uplifted perhaps by Jupiter retro opposite Merc and Venus from 20 Leo.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Retrograde Jan 21 at 10:56 AM EST/ 7:56 AM PST at 17 Aqu 05. While almost opposing Jupiter retro at 19 Leo.

Venus into Aquarius Jan 3 at 9:49 AM EST/ 6:49 AM PST.
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4 at 8:09 PM EST/ 5:09 PM PST.
Mars into Pisces Jan 12 at 5:21 AM EST/ 2:21 AM PST.
Sun into Aquarius Jan 20 at 4:44 AM EST/ 1:44 AM PST.
Venus into Pisces Jan 27 at 10:01 AM EST/ 7:01 AM PST.

Key Aspects:

Mars opposes Jupiter retro Jan 1 at 2:50 PM EST/ 11:50 AM PST from 21 Aqu 41. Heading into a stressful Full Moon (see above), this suggests enthusiastic action, or wasted and scattered energy.

Sun squares Uranus Jan 3 at 3:41 AM EST/ 12:41 AM PST from 12 Cap 38. Just before the Full Moon (see above), instability cries out for change.
Sun conjuncts Pluto Jan 3 at 6:35 PM EST/ 3:35 PM PST at 13 Cap 16. Part of the same package as above, is there some way you can help what’s trying to happen?
Mars squares Saturn Jan 15 at 1:11 AM EST/ Jan 14 at 10:11 PM PST from 2 Pisc 12. Mars also conjuncts Neptune at 5 Pisc. So the tension is between compassionate action and the need for patience and respect for limits.
Venus opposes Jupiter retro Jan 19 at 8:45 AM EST/ 5:45 AM PST from 19 Cap 57. As the New Moon approaches, perhaps leniency, generosity, or over-the-top show.
Mars conjuncts Neptune Jan 19 at 7:10 PM EST/ 4:10 PM PST at 5 Pisc 55. Imagine Mars being weighed down or stopped when squaring Saturn (see above), now escaping, with or without its purpose executed.
Venus squares Saturn Jan 30 at 3:24 AM EST/ 12:24 AM PST from 3 Pisc 23. Following where Mars passed a couple of weeks ago, try to look at things realistically even if it means sobriety costs you your cherished fantasies.
Sun conjuncts Mercury retro Jan 30 at 8:46 AM EST/ 5:46 AM PST at 10 Aqu 20.
Mars conjuncts Chiron Jan 31 at 3:24 PM EST/ 12:24 PM PST at 15 Pisc 10.

In addition, Venus sextiles Saturn Jan 3-4, Sun sextiles Chiron Jan 4, Mercury sextiles Saturn Jan 5, Venus sextiles Uranus Jan 13, Mercury sextiles Uranus Jan 13-14, Sun sextiles Saturn Jan 22-23, Mercury sextiles Uranus Jan 27-28, Mars sextiles Pluto Jan 29-30.