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Mundane Activity

MAY 2015

Jupiter Triple-Moon Conjunction

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Full Moon May 3 at 11:43 PM EDT/ 8:43 PM PDT from 13 Sco 23. A powerful tension is possible. One man's pig-headedness is another's trustworthiness. A Fixed T-Square with Jupiter at 13 Leo.
New Moon May 18 at 12:14 AM EDT/ May 17 at 9:14 PM PDT at 26 Tau 56. Oppressed or secretly conspiring, this New Moon is only widely opposed by Saturn at 2 Sag. Endure.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Retrograde May 18 at 9:49 PM EDT/ 6:49 PM PDT at 13 Gem 08.

Venus into Cancer May 7 at 6:53 PM EDT/ 3:53 PM PDT.
Mars into Gemini May 11 at 10:41 PM EDT/ 7:41 PM PDT.
Sun into Gemini May 21 at 4:46 AM EDT/ 1:46 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Mercury opposes Saturn retro May 3 at 4:34 AM EDT/ 1:34 AM PDT from 3 Gem 03. Just as Venus did last month, Mercury passes through forming a Mutable T-Square with Neptune at 9 Pis. Because it soon retrogrades, this will be the first of three times doing this. A lengthy dialogue between wishful thinking and misleading words on the one hand, and sticking only to the facts or facing repercussions on the other.

Sun squares Jupiter May 4 at 5:03 AM EDT/ 2:03 AM PDT from 13 Tau 35. A possible peak of the Full Moon (see above).
Mercury squares Neptune May 9 at 12:08 PM EDT/ 9:08 AM PDT from 9 Gem 30. Completing the first pass through the T-Square, escaping responsibilities and realities.
Mars opposes Saturn retro May 15 at 2:02 AM EDT/ May 14 at 11:02 PM PDT from 2 Gem 13. There's a lot going on here, because the Uranus-Pluto square currently wreaking havoc occupies the midpoint of this opposition. Explosive, repressive, forceful and enduring.
Venus opposes Pluto retro May 21 at 9:58 PM EDT/ 6:58 PM PDT from 15 Can 15. Venus also conjuncts Moon at 19 Can. Are we seeing the power of the feminine or its repression?
Sun opposes Saturn retro May 22 at 9:36 PM EDT/ 6:36 PM PDT from 1 Gem 38. A push downward just before the Moon bounces back as it reaches its own conjunction with Jupiter at 15 Leo in 23 hours.
Venus squares Uranus May 25 at 1:11 PM EDT/ 10:11 AM PDT from 19 Can 02. Has something shifted in the past week? (see above)
Mars squares Neptune May 25 at 7:39 PM EDT/ 4:39 PM PDT from 9 Gem 44. Mars in cahoots with Sun at 4 Gem and Mercury retro at 11 Gem, with the Moon at 7 Vir forming a quick and elusive Mutable T-Square. Great for subterfuge.
Mercury retro conjuncts Mars May 27 at 6:38 AM EDT/ 3:38 AM PDT at 10 Gem 44. Second time in a month, with Mercury retrograde. Keeping alive the Mutable T-Square with Neptune {f54}at 9 Pis and Saturn retro at 1 Sag.
Mercury retro squares Neptune May 29 at 3:02 AM EDT/ 12:02 AM PDT from 9 Gem 45. Second time since the 9th (see above).
Sun conjuncts Mercury retro May 30 at 12:57 PM EDT/ 9:57 AM PDT at 8 Gem 58.
Sun squares Neptune May 31 at 9:09 AM EDT/ 6:09 AM PDT from 9 Gem 46. Leaving with Mars at 13 Gem, this now leaves Mercury as the only character at this corner of the Mutable T-Square with Saturn and Neptune. A lot of masculine energy with assertive words goes off to intensify for next month.

In addition, Sun trines Pluto May 5-6, Sun sextiles Chiron May 11, Venus trines Neptune May 16, Venus trines Chiron May 27.