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Mundane Activity


Hubble's Lagoon

Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope

New Moon Aug 14 at 10:55 AM EDT/ 7:55 AM PDT at 21 Leo 31. Conjuncts Venus retro at 23 Leo, all square Saturn at 28 Sco, and trining Uranus retro at 20 Ari. The traditional interferes with radiant self-expression. Look for ways to experiment (see below).
Full Moon Aug 29 at 2:36 PM EDT/ 11:36 AM PDT from 6 Pis 06. Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 4 Vir and Moon conjuncts Neptune retro at 8 Pis, all forming a wide T-Square with Saturn at 29 Sco. This one’s got it all: Saturn pushing down, Jupiter expanding, Neptune dissolving, and a Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo too.

Planetary Changes:

Saturn Stationary turning Direct Aug 2 at 1:54 AM EDT/ Aug 1 at 10:54 PM PDT at 28 Sco 16.

Mercury into Virgo Aug 7 at 3:16 PM EDT/ 12:16 PM PDT.
Mars into Leo Aug 8 at 7:33 PM EDT/ 4:33 PM PDT.
Jupiter into Virgo Aug 11 at 7:12 AM EDT/ 4:12 AM PDT.
Sun into Virgo Aug 23 at 6:38 AM EDT/ 3:38 AM PDT.
Mercury into Libra Aug 27 at 11:46 AM EDT/ 8:46 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Jupiter squares Saturn Aug 3 at 6:37 AM EDT/ 3:37 AM PDT from 28 Leo 17. The theme for the month, with Venus retro at 29 Leo, we have warm flamboyant showing off interfered with by cold withholding.

Venus retro conjuncts Jupiter Aug 4 at 5:48 PM EDT/ 2:48 PM PDT at 28 Leo 35. Aries Moon at the midpoint. Generosity confronts conservatism.
Venus retro squares Saturn Aug 5 at 11:09 AM EDT/ 8:09 AM PDT from 28 Leo 17. More of the same.
Mercury conjuncts Venus retro Aug 6 at 10:26 AM EDT/ 7:26 AM PDT at 27 Leo 51. Mercury enters the picture, joining Venus and Jupiter at 27-28 Leo. Same theme: Jupiter/Leo enthusiasm and drama, bringing to light defensiveness.
Mercury squares Saturn Aug 6 at 4:20 PM EDT/ 1:20 PM PDT from 28 Leo 17. What’s blocking or holding back?
Mercury conjuncts Jupiter Aug 7 at 3:10 AM EDT/ 12:10 AM PDT at 29 Leo 06. Talk too much?
Mercury opposes Neptune retro Aug 12 at 9:12 PM EDT/ 6:12 PM PDT from 8 Vir 55. Wishful thinking, articulating ideals and imagination.
Sun conjuncts Venus retro Aug 15 at 3:23 PM EDT/ 12:23 PM PDT at 22 Leo 39. Beauty mixed with practicality.
Sun squares Saturn Aug 21 at 7:41 PM EDT/ 4:41 PM PDT from 28 Leo 35. What has the tension been about for this month? What has been the Saturn influence, restricting, delaying, demanding patience?
Sun conjuncts Jupiter Aug 26 at 6:03 PM EDT/ 3:03 PM PDT at 3 Vir 21. At the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune. Though Neptune would like to soar freely in dreams and fantasies, Saturn wants his due, which is often inescapable.
Sun opposes Neptune retro Aug 31 at 11:39 PM EDT/ 8:39 PM PDT from 8 Vir 24. Now perhaps is the time when escapism and imagination can happen, as the Saturn influence fades.

In addition, Mercury trines Uranus Aug 1-2, Mars trines Saturn Aug 5-6, Sun trines Uranus Aug 12-13, Mercury trines Pluto Aug 15, Venus trines Uranus Aug 19, Mercury opposes Chiron Aug 19-20, Mercury sextiles Saturn Aug 26