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Star Factory Messier 17

Image Credit & Copyright: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Space Telescope;
Processing: Robert Gendler & Roberto Colombari

Full Moon Aug 10 at 2:10 PM EDT/ 11:10 AM PDT from 18 Aqu 02. Not last month’s fireworks Full Moon, instead now forming a Fixed T-Square with Saturn at 17 Sco. Slowly, with caution, expecting effort will be needed.
New Moon Aug 25 at 10:14 AM EDT/ 7:14 AM PDT at 2 Virg 19. Opposing Neptune retro at 6 Pisc. A good time for dreaming or feeling kinship or connection.

Planetary Changes:

Venus into Leo Aug 12 at 3:25 AM EDT/ 12:25 AM PDT.

Mercury into Virgo Aug 15 at 12:45 PM EDT/ 9:45 AM PDT.
Sun into Virgo Aug 23 at 12:47 AM EDT/ Aug 22 at 9:47 PM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Venus squares Uranus retro Aug 1 at 12:44 AM EDT/ Jul 31 at 9:44 PM PDT from 16 Can 28. Finishing the Cardinal T-Square with Pluto retro at 11 Cap. Social niceties are not as important as candor and truthfulness at this time.

Mars squares Jupiter Aug 1 at 6:47 PM EDT/ 3:47 PM PDT from 3 Sco 40. With Mercury at 2 Leo it would be easy to say or write things because they sound good, but without necessarily using good judgement or being patient.
Mercury conjuncts Jupiter Aug 2 at 3:34 PM EDT/ 12:34 PM PDT at 3 Leo 51. Continuing what was said above for Aug 1.
Mercury squares Mars Aug 2 at 8:02 PM EDT/ 5:02 PM PDT from 4 Leo 14. Harsh, inflammatory words or speaking without thinking are likely. Driving too fast.
Mercury conjuncts Sun Aug 8 at 12:22 PM EDT/ 9:22 AM PDT at 16 Leo 03. Exactly square to Saturn at 16 Sco. After the impatience and hot words of a week ago, now a time for caution, reflection, or blocked communication.
Sun squares Saturn Aug 9 at 11:11 AM EDT/ 8:11 AM PDT from 16 Leo 57. Mercury squares Saturn Aug 8 at 10:49 PM EDT/ 7:49 PM PDT from 16 Leo 56. What do you know when you are still? Is there a feeling of Fate in the air?
Venus conjuncts Jupiter Aug 18 at 1:22 AM EDT/ Aug 17 at 10:22 PM PDT at 7 Leo 14. Square to Mars and Saturn at 13-17 Sco. Generous optimism at odds with repressed anger or hesitance rooted in fear.
Mercury opposes Neptune retro Aug 18 at 11:41 PM EDT/ 8:41 PM PDT from 6 Vir 28. A trine to Mercury from Pluto retro may provide you with insight at a time when words and thoughts tend to be unrealistic or wishful. Mercury opposes Chiron retro Aug 24 at 9:56 AM EDT/ 6:56 AM PDT from 16 Vir 03.
Mars conjuncts Saturn Aug 25 at 3:31 PM EDT/ 12:31 PM PDT at 17 Sco 40. And squaring Venus (see below). Not conducive to harmony between the sexes. Is Mars-Saturn’s resentment or cold anger freezing out Venus/Leo’s warmth?
Venus squares Saturn Aug 26 at 2:23 PM EDT/ 11:23 AM PDT from 17 Leo 43. Finding ways to appreciate yourself instead of relying on others for approval would probably work best now.
Venus squares Mars Aug 27 at 11:47 AM EDT/ 8:47 AM PDT from 18 Leo 49. One tries to get his way through secrecy and manipulation (Mars) while the other pursues what she wants with seduction, beauty, and (oh no) manipulation. Where can they meet?
Sun opposes Neptune retro Aug 29 at 10:34 AM EDT/ 7:34 AM PDT from 6 Vir 11. Do you know what you’re doing and why? Or are you sleep-walking?

In addition, Venus trines Saturn Aug 1, Venus trines Chiron Aug 1, Saturn trines Chiron Aug 5, Mars trines Neptune Aug 6-7, Mercury trines Uranus Aug 8, Sun trines Uranus Aug 8, Mars sextiles Pluto Aug 14-15, Mercury trines Pluto Aug 21, Mars trines Chiron Aug 22-23, Mercury sextiles Mars Aug 24-25, Venus trines Uranus Aug 24-25, Mercury sextiles Saturn Aug 24-25.{ql}