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Mundane Activity


IC 5067 in the Pelican Nebula

Image Credit & Copyright: César Blanco González

New Moon Oct 12 at 8:07 PM EDT/ 5:07 PM PDT at 19 Lib 20. Cardinal T-Square with Pluto at 13 Cap and Uranus at18 Ari.
Full Moon Oct 27 at 8:06 AM/ 5:06 AM PDT from 3 Tau 45. Potentially uplifting time, with Venus-Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo.

Planetary Changes:

Mercury Stationary turning Direct Oct 9 at 10:59 AM EDT/ 7:59 AM PDT at 0 Lib 53.

Venus into Virgo Oct 8 at 1:30 PM EDT/ 10:30 AM PDT.
Sun into Scorpio Oct 23 at 1:48 PM EDT/ 10:48 AM PDT.

Key Aspects:

Sun squares Pluto Oct 6 at 10:16 AM EDT/ 7:16 AM PDT from 13 Lib 00. Sun passing through Cardinal T-Square with Uranus retro at 18 Ari.

Mars opposes Neptune retro Oct 6 at 10:54 PM EDT/ 7:54 PM PDT from 7 Vir 29. Mars crossing over the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, energizing Jupiter.
Venus squares Saturn Oct 10 at 8:32 PM EDT/ 5:32 PM PDT from 1 Vir 54. Along with Mars and Jupiter at 9-12 Vir, and Neptune retro at 7 Pis, forming a lengthy Mutable T-Square which could go either way.
Sun opposes Uranus retro Oct 11 at 11:51 PM EDT/ 8:51 PM PDT from 18 Lib 30. At New Moon (see above). A wake-up call?
Venus opposes Neptune retro Oct 16 at 10:54 PM EDT/ 7:54 PM PDT from 7 Vir 8. Strong Mutable T-Square with Neptune at 7 Pis and Moon at 9 Sag and Saturn at 2 Sag. Mars and Jupiter at 13-14 Virgo too. It’s about values that should be able to withstand doubt, tests, or disillusionment.
Mars conjuncts Jupiter Oct 17 at 6:41 PM EDT/ 3:41 PM PDT at 14 Vir 11. Mutable T-Square with Chiron retro at 17 Pis and Moon at 19 Sag. This conjunction also trines Pluto at 13 Cap. Optimal time for taking care of details and working hard.
Mercury squares Pluto Oct 22 at 5:23 PM EDT/ 2:23 PM PDT from 13 Lib 10. Cardinal T-Square with Uranus retro at 18 Ari. What are you thinking?
Mars opposes Chiron retro Oct 23 at 4:49 AM EDT/ 1:49 AM PDT from 17 Vir 31.
Venus conjuncts Jupiter Oct 25 at 4:04 PM EDT/ 1:04 PM PDT at 15 Vir 38. This aspect first formed on July 1 and this is the third and final pass. We have Mars conjunct this Venus-Jupiter conjunction, all trine Pluto at 13 Cap and opposing Chiron retro at 17 Pis. There’s energy to be squandered here. How will you use it?
Mercury opposes Uranus retro Oct 25 at 7:01 PM EDT/ 4:01 PM PDT from 17 Lib 57. Completing this most recent Cardinal T-Square, with Moon conjunct Uranus at 10 Ari. Try looking at things from a different perspective.
Venus opposes Chiron retro Oct 27 at 10:08 AM EDT/ 7:08 AM PDT from 17 Vir 23.

In addition, Mercury sextiles Saturn Oct 6, Jupiter trines Pluto Oct 11, Mercury sextiles Saturn Oct 12-13, Mars trines Pluto Oct 15, Venus trines Pluto Oct 22-23, Sun trines Neptune Oct 30.