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Mundane Activity


In the Center of the Lagoon Nebula

Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA - Processing & Licence: Judy Schmidt

Full Moon Nov 6 at 5:24 PM EST/ 2:24 PM PST from 14 Tau 26. Sun conjuncts Venus at 17 Sco, all forming a Fixed T-Square with Jupiter at 21 Leo. A money Full Moon.
New Moon Nov 22 at 7:33 AM EST/ 4:33 AM PST at 0 Sag 07. Different flavor from Full Moon, Saturn conjuncts this New Moon from 26 Sco, perhaps dampening what was glowing two weeks ago.

Planetary Changes:

Neptune Stationary turning Direct Nov 16 at 2:07 AM EST/ Nov 15 at 11:07 PM PST at 4 Pis 47.

Chiron Stationary turning Direct Nov 23 at 6:46 PM EST/ 3:46 PM PST at 13 Pis 05.
Mercury into Scorpio Nov 8 at 6:10 PM EST/ 3:10 PM PST.
Venus into Sagittarius Nov 16 at 2:05 PM EST/ 11:05 AM PST.
Sun into Sagittarius Nov 22 at 4:39 AM EST/ 1:39 AM PST.
Mercury into Sagittarius Nov 27 at 9:27 PM EST/ 6:27 PM PST.

Key Aspects:

Venus squares Jupiter Nov 9 at 3:42 PM EST/ 12:42 PM PST from 21 Sco 18. Several days this month while Sun-Venus-Saturn squares Jupiter at 21 Leo. Tension between have’s and have-not’s.

Mars conjuncts Pluto Nov 10 at 6:07 PM EST/ 3:07 PM PST at 11 Cap 35. With the tension between Jupiter and Saturn (see above), it can get nasty, if one can’t take "no" as an answer. This conjunction squares Uranus retro at 13 Ari, and opposes Moon at 7 Can.
Venus conjuncts Saturn Nov 12 at 8:03 PM EST/ 5:03 PM PST at 25 Sco 17. Thrift has its benefits. Softening what is hard.
Mars squares Uranus retro Nov 12 at 8:30 PM EST/ 5:30 PM PST from 13 Cap 10. What got set off in the past few days?
Sun squares Jupiter Nov 13 at 10:06 PM EST/ 7:06 PM PST from 21 Sco 39. Moon also conjuncts Jupiter at 16 Leo. Sun hitting the Jupiter-Saturn square for the next few days.
Sun conjuncts Saturn Nov 18 at 3:51 AM EST/ 12:51 AM PST at 25 Sco 55. What was up four days ago that has now come down?
Venus squares Neptune Nov 20 at 9:56 AM EST/ 6:56 AM PST from 4 Sag 48. With Mars at the midpoint at 19 Pis. Imagine Venus dissolving in a bath (Neptune) after her encounter with heavy, materialistic Saturn.
Mercury squares Jupiter Nov 22 at 11:44 PM EST/ 8:44 PM PST from 22 Sco 13. Now Mercury’s turn to go from Jupiter to Saturn, just as Venus and the Sun have done (see above). First words that uplift and inflame, then sobering up or settilng.
Mercury conjuncts Saturn Nov 25 at 9:38 PM EST/ 6:38 PM PST at 26 Sco 50. Best for silence or perhaps realistic re-appraisal.
Sun squares Neptune Nov 26 at 11:20 PM EST/ 8:20 PM PST from 4 Sag 49. Same as what was said above, only now it is the Sun taking the bath, dissolving, fantasizing.
Venus squares Chiron Nov 27 at 12:34 AM EST/ Nov 26 at 9:34 PM PST from 13 Sag 06.
Mercury squares Neptune Nov 30 at 11:27 PM EST/ 8:27 PM PST from 4 Sag 51. Finally, with Mercury leaving after Sun and Venus said good-bye to Saturn, watch what happens when mind takes a vacation.

In addition, Mercury sextiles Jupiter Nov 1, Venus sextiles Pluto Nov 1, Mars sextiles Neptune Nov 1, Venus trines Chiron Nov 2-3, Sun sextiles Pluto Nov 3, Sun trines Chiron Nov 5, Mercury trines Neptune Nov 11, Mars sextiles Chiron Nov 12, Mercury sextiles Pluto Nov 15-16, Mercury trines Chiron Nov 16-17, Mercury sextiles Mars Nov 20-21, Venus trines Uranus Nov 26.